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A Cheeky Seal Unexpectedly Slaps a Noisy Kayaker Across the Face With the Feisty Octopus In Its Mouth

Some people take their computer wallpapers very seriously

Some people take their computer wallpapers very seriously. The background image should be selected with the utmost importance but you never knows if you might find a hidden picture in that background photo. TheFishPenetrator uploaded a video to Youtube on Wednesday, when he thought he was losing his mind after thinking he saw as bizarre image hidden within his computer wallpaper. When you move closer to the space background a face becomes more visible from a certain angle. In the video description he wrote, “My friend gave me his wallpaper dump, I thought this was a cool one and little did I know I found the reason why I can't sleep lol.” You never know what horror may lurk in your computer. 

Kid has the most dramatic 'run' to home base during little league game

How could you not hear the Chariots of Fire theme song while watching Lenn run?And he stayed committed to the craft — when an adult tried to nudge him forward about halfway through the run, Lenn shoved him off and continued on his journey. Despite the little league viewers' chants of "go go go!" and "you're almost there!" he stuck to his slow-motion run. At the end of his odyssey, he victoriously collapsed at home base while an exasperated little batter watched. Lenn, after more than 45 agonizing seconds of dramatic running, made it. What were the other team's parents thinking while watching this? Holding up the whole game? Lenn didn't care. Clearly, he was having a moment. 


Mayweather vs. McGregor is absolutely ridiculous

Undefeated boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and UFC lightweight champ Conor McGregor have not been holding back in their attempts to intimidate each other before their big showdown. Bad Lip Reading added to the hype with a hilarious video that does exactly what Bad Lip Reading is supposed to do.The video ends with Mayweather singing a nonsensical song called "Watch out Rinoldo" that may just be the song of the year.



News anchor is just done after a technical error during his broadcast

Everyone has those moments when it feels like nothing is working out, like no one around you is competent at their jobs, like you just want to give it all up. Well, for news anchors those moments can happen on live TV. Doug Fernandez of KOAT Action News couldn't help but express his irritation after a glitch in the broadcast. He thought he was handing it off to a reporter on the scene, then maybe it looked like they didn't have that story. And when the reporter chimed in, poor Doug lost it.This is what a reporter looks like when he just can't deal anymore. We've all been there, Doug. We get you.



Our guests were in the splash zone out on The Taz whale watching boat with Cross Sound Express! Gustavus, Alaska, home of the best whale watching. Whale Viral Video

Check out this door that sounds like it's dying a terrible death

Most of the time, we pass through doors without a second thought as to the noises they make. But the door in this video is bound to make you pause. The door makes an eerie groaning noise, as the dudes in the video open and close it to demonstrate. It sounds uncannily human—and very grumpy. It almost sounds like a Halloween sound effect, but nope, turns out this door just sounds like that. It doesn't want to be disturbed, and with the risk of awakening whatever spirits are lingering around its hinges, perhaps it's best to just leave the dying door alone.