Dog gave birth to three puppies, each with their own corresponding number on their back


Example of how to survive a crash!

Two collided bullets from the battle of Galipoli

What are the odds?
Yes it's Ed Sheeran

The mountians and trees lined up perfectly on this camper on the highway

Mosquito killed by a dart

this is what you call, luck!

Right place Right time

Is it a leaf? Is it tree bark? No, it’s the Satanic leaf-tailed gecko. Cleverly disguised as a rotting leaf, Madagascar’s camouflage king has red eyes, pointy horns and a taste for night hunting: it’s nature’s most devilish deceiver. The twisted body and veiny skin echo the detail of a dry leaf, which ensures the gecko blends in with its forest home. The mottled tail appears to have sections missing, as though it has withered over time. This mini-monster epitomises survival of the fittest, having adapted gradually to become today’s extraordinary leaf impersonator.

Photograph: Thomas Marent/Ardea

There is no need to roll out the red carpet at Daxia in China’s Gansu Province. The jaw-dropping rocky landscape is naturally
red from a build-up of sandstone over many millions of years, while the rainbow effect comes from colourful mineral deposits. Sandstone and red mineral deposits were compressed into multi-coloured layers of rock. Movement of the giant plates that form Earth’s crust pushed, cut, and folded the layers. The name Danxia means “rosy clouds” in Chinese.

Photograph: Imaginechina/Corbis

In 2015 amateur photographer Martin Le-May shot this image in Hornchurch Country Park, London, UK, but the picture doesn’t tell the full story. The weasel attacked the woodpecker and refused to give up even when the bird took flight. An aerial scrap ensued before the weasel tumbled and the woodpecker escaped. A sign now marks the spot where the sensational snap was taken.

Photograph: Martin LeMay

A picture of the young Charlie Chaplin at age 27 in 1916.

These baby cages were used in apartments in the 1930s to make sure the child got enough fresh air and sunlight. And danger.

A picture of the original Ronald McDonald from 1963.